Level 1 Course Outline:

20 hour online course

Our 10-hour TEFL Junior course is an online course aimed at getting teachers ready to teach young ESL learners from 2.5 to 7 years of age.   The course is completed 100% online via our unique online training system.

Level 1 Course Content:

The course includes audio and written discussions, video content and multiple choice testing.  The course is separated into 20 short units, designed to gradually build your knowledge, fit courses into your busy schedule, without overwhelming you with too much information or long periods of study. This structure allows you to work through the units at whatever pace suits your personal circumstances and save as you complete each unit.

Level 1 Course Goal:

Teaching overseas is challenging. The goal of this course is to give teachers a base of knowledge, basics of what to expect and confidence before they embark in going overseas.

Areas of study:

1. Introduction to teaching English abroad
2: Expectations
3: Cultural Differences Important Points
4. Theories, Methods and Techniques
5. Entitlement
6. Lesson Planning
7. Vocabulary Importance and Learning Styles
8. Phonics Overview
7. Example Lessons – 1
8. Feedback and Expectations
9. Example Lessons – 2
10. Course Books and Lesson Materials
11. Example Lessons – 3
12. Evaluation and Testing
13. Teacher Notes
14. Helpful Links